Who am I… Dylan Leonard

A photographer and filmmaker traveling the world. Raised in Portland, OR I then moved to Los Angeles at 18 years old, later attending a four year university on a full scholarship to play Division 2 Basketball. After two years of college basketball I left the team to pursue my passion of not just filmmaking and photography but sharing the beauty of different cultures and countries with the rest of the world, in a way that others may never actually see it with their own eyes. With this passion, my goal is to inspire others to travel so that they themselves can experience the life changing and mind opening experience of being somewhere they have never been. I have traveled to 20+ countries in the past three years such as The Netherlands, Greece, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, Turkey, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia and more. 

My main goal when creating any kind of film or product for a company or individual, whether it is photo or video, is to create something that allows viewers to see things in ways they never would have seen themselves, making the smallest of details noticeable so that every time someone watches or sees the product they will begin to see the world around them in a different way, feeling the emotions as if they were actually experiencing the event themselves.

I am available for hire all around the world for anything you could need related to photography, videography, marketing and social media, as well as collaborations. I have worked with hotels in New Zealand and Turkey, as well as brands, small business owners and other large instagram accounts/influencers ranging up to 1.5 million followers.

Who I’ve Worked with